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What is Fiber Optic Glow End Technology?

The understanding and familiarity of "Fiber Optic End Glow" lighting is fairly limited to most North Americans. Most hear the words "Fiber Optics" and assume their sole purpose is transmitting data or voice. Perhaps you've heard of star ceiling applications in the home theaters of multi-million dollar mansions or have seen photos on the internet of the $20,000.00 option to illuminate the ceiling of a new Rolls Royce sedan. The truth is Fiber Optic End Glow installations are huge in Asia and have a multitude of applications. From breathtaking chandeliers to artistic outdoor lighting installations, all the way to capturing sunlight and illuminating the interior of buildings. There is no other way of capturing light, projecting it through a non-conductive material and creating a customized effect that appears from nowhere.


The team at Litdecks set out to create new innovative applications relevant to the construction and design industries. Our products are prefabricated, fully charged with fiber optics in the core, and are easily installed. Installing a star ceiling in a room, a feature wall, or cladding a deck is now a quick and painless project done in hours by almost anyone. If you can put together IKEA furniture, you can definitely transform a space into something remarkable in short order. We use Mitsubishi ESKA Fiber Optics made in Japan, a tried and true product battle tested and warrantied indoors and outdoors for 10 years in weather conditions that range from -50 to +70 Celsius. Fiber Optics do not conduct electricity, therefor are perfectly suited for rain, snow, ice and the sun. There are no lightbulbs to change, there is no electric charge running light to light. One light engine controlled by a remote transmits light exactly where it needs to go! The effect speaks for itself!

Fiber Optics End Glow Technology from Around the World

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Ambient Decking

We are incredibly proud to introduce what we feel is the biggest advancement in the decking industry in 20 years. We are now offering our proprietary, pre-fabricated, illuminated, composite decking board - "Brilliant Board". This composite decking product installs in minutes, without the use of traditional clips, with fiber optic end glow technology inserted into each and every board. Within a matter of a few hours you can completely transform your new decking surface into a light show that dazzles the mind. This product is perfect for setting the mood any evening of the week, and is relatively invisible to the eye during the day. Perfect for decks , feature walls, star ceilings, pool surrounds, docks, bars and lounges, retail locations and just about any place where you feel lighting can be used to transform a space.

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